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Turzai teaches government lesson to 4th grade

Thursday, February 20, 2020 | 8:12 PM

On February 20, State Representative and Speaker of the Pennsylvania House Mike Turzai visited Blessed Francis Seelos Academy in Wexford to present “How a Bill Becomes a Law” to social studies classes.  He explained the different chambers of the state legislature and how a bill passes through each legislative branch to the fourth-grade. He guided the students to try and pass their own “law” in the classroom as an example.  “We split the class to be a pretend Senate and House of Representatives. We voted on whether there should be seatbelts on school buses. I was the only one that voted ‘no’ in the Senate.” said Madeline Sell, Seelos Academy student.  Unfortunately, the bill did not become a law in this classroom, since the two chambers had different majority votes.

There was also time for questions from the students.  The questions led to thoughtful discussions about the differences between Republicans and Democrats and also who would make the final decision if there was a tie in the voting.  He was also asked about his time as a legislature.  “I was surprised to learn that Mr. Turzai suggested a lot bills that became a law,” said Madeline.

Mr. Turzai is a parent of Saint Alphonsus alumni and represents the 28th Legislative District that consists of the townships of Marshall, McCandless, and Pine and the Boroughs of Bradford Woods and Franklin Park.