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Students Encourage Random Acts of Kindness

Friday, February 14, 2020 | 12:56 PM

Students at Hance Elementary students are hoping to highlight Kindness Week through random acts of kindness starting on February 17, 2020.  Third-graders Logan Brunecz, Lindsay Eckman, Addison Kalpakis, Lily Kirkbride,  worked with GATE Teacher Danielle Czegan on the project.

The students are encouraging teachers and students to participate. Teachers will explain to students the purpose of the project which is to support RAMS Way, pay it forward, and create a positive school atmosphere.  The RAMS Way is a K-12 initiative to provide an intentional and preventative approach to improve upon a positive school climate. It focuses on developing and improving positive behaviors through the use of common, developmentally-appropriate language and expectations.  “The RAMS Way” initiative spells out the acronym for a common set of behavioral expectations, which is being shared across the district that includes: Respectful, Accountable, Motivated, and Safe.

Each student would write a card that would say something nice about another student’s character or trait or a positive message that ties into the RAMS Way. Students are encouraged to decorate the cards. The author of the card would be a mystery to the student who received it.

Teacher Danielle Czegan said the project was inspired by the students after they read a book.

“They connected with how receiving a card made the story’s character, who felt socially awkward, feel valued and special,” she said. “They wanted to spread kindness to all students since there might be students in the school who feel like the character from the book.:

Students thought it would be a great way to showcase RAMS Way.

“Our idea is that we create a random act of kindness card,” said Addison. “The RAMS Way encourages kindness. This will help even more.”