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Pine-Richland students bring studies to life

Friday, November 8, 2019 | 10:18 AM

Students in teacher Jennifer Fink’s Honors English 12 class celebrated Mead Hall Day on Oct. 12.

“The Honors English 12 students study the Anglo-Saxon unit,” explained Ms. Fink. “During this unit, we learned the importance of the mead hall as the community center where the thanes (important warriors) and the king met for important meetings, feasts and celebrations.”

Students from the class served as scops to introduce those who have chosen to share a talent, perform, or teach the class a skill. Scops were both poets and performers in Anglo-Saxon culture.

The celebration highlighted the hard work that was accomplished in the first quarter and the preparation for the next nine weeks.

Students led the group in song, dance, juggling and even a lesson in hairstyles during this period of time.

Teacher Jennifer Fink portrayed Queen Guinevere.