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Save a lot of Axolotls

Monday, September 30, 2019 | 2:17 PM

Future exotic vet shares insight on case


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“Save the axolotls! Save the axolotls! Save the axolotls!” animal enthusiast Lilly Grace Maynard states. She found out about these creatures through research in her own backyard. Lilly Grace Maynard loves all animals, but she has a special place in her heart for the axolotls. An axolotl is a close relative of the salamander that makes its home in the Gulf of Mexico. An abundance of salamanders or axolotls are a clear sign of clean water. Due to habitat loss and degradation, the axolotls have been placed on the endangered species list. Water pollution and construction have threatened these animals homes.

Maynard is 9 years old and is in fourth grade. She attends Winchester-Thurston at the North Campus in Hampton and enjoys being outside in her free time. Although this little lady is young, she knows her facts. Maynard is an avid reader and outdoor explorer. She experiments in nature and enjoys “catch and release” in her backyard creek and the waters of North Park.

Maynard believes the decrease in axolotls is a problem because once the species becomes extinct, there will be a drawback in the food chain and environment. A way to stop the extinction of all species is to recycle, to not litter, throw trash away, do not pollute, to stop using plastic straws and plastic bags. There are many ways to stop extinction, but many endangered species suffer because of pollution in their environment. Maynard believes that the world is not doing enough to save the environment. “If people really wanted to save the earth, they would have stopped buying and using plastic,” Maynard said. 

Being 9 only lets  you go so far. If Maynard had the chance, she would fly to Mexico and build a reserve or protective habitat for the axolotls. In doing so, she would give the animals a safe space to live and it would help boost their population.

“There are many ways to help the species, but no one is taking action and someone has to stick up for these animals!” Maynard said.

Maynard wants to set up a “Go Fund Me” for endangered species and hang up posters around her community to show her love and support for these animals. It is not much, but it’s a “puddle of water” in the right direction.

Abby Lane is a staff writer at The Rampage, Pine-Richland High School’s student newspaper.