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Pine-Richland School District Completes Planning Process for Strategic Plan

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 | 8:25 AM

After a systematic and comprehensive process, the PRSD Strategic Plan for 2019-2023 is complete. Beginning with a series of gallery walks with 25 members of the organization and school board last summer. The district had more than 400 stakeholders participate in a series of town hall meetings and/or electronic surveys in the design process. An iterative process was used to develop and refine the plan. Given the degree that the district’s current plan drives action, it was used as the foundation for this important work.

A data and information placemat was used to ensure that future work was informed by our current performance results and input from the annual stakeholder surveys of students, parents, and staff. The existing mission, vision, and values were affirmed for the next four years. Five categories serve as the framework for the plan and include Teaching & Learning, Student Progress & Engagement, Workforce Development & Engagement and Finance & Operations.

Within each category, there is a set of four-year long-term goals. Each long-term goal is then achieved through an intentional sequence of one-year action items. The scope of the plan was specifically evaluated to ensure depth and quality of implementation. In addition, potential measures and/or expected results were identified for each long-term goal. These measures will eventually become part of a comprehensive scorecard.
Lastly, the district was able to also complete the required elements of the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Comprehensive Plan.

The PRSD Strategic Plan and PDE Comprehensive Plan were posted for public review and then approved by the board on June 3, 2019.