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How to keep yourself safe

Monday, September 30, 2019 | 2:12 PM

Police Officers urge Residents to Carry New Safety device  


Contributing writer


Are you even safe anymore when walking the streets of Pittsburgh or your own neighborhood? There is always someone watching. Police are now urging residents in all areas to carry a “High 130dB Safety Alarm.” The whistle, when pulled, can attract surrounding people to the scene if you or someone else is being attacked or in danger. Good places to have a 130dB alarm include your backpack, purse, wallet and keychain.

Put the alarm somewhere that you are able to grab it quickly. The whistle is so loud that it can compare to a full football stadium of crazed fans or even a military jet taking off. This safe sound personal alarm is legal rather than carrying around pepper spray, tasers or even a gun. The personal alarm requires no skill at all and is becoming a popular gift item. The alarm can be found on Amazon ranging in price from $9 for one or $35 for a pack of five.

Mike Stevenson, 30, has worked in the Police Force for seven years and has walked the PRHS hallways for one. A police officer’s job is to keep us safe. Most people would think that a police officer’s job on a daily basis includes only negative things. Well, that’s not entirely true. Although the local police officers work through negative and dangerous situations, they can also experience or involve positive things. Police officers, like Stevenson, love their job because it includes helping others.

Stevenson says, “I love the job because I get to resolve conflict and take others out of danger.”

Just like every other little kid, Stevenson wanted to be a police officer when he grew up. He happens to be one of the few people who fulfilled his childhood dream. Stevenson graduated from a community college. He said, “My parents have always pushed me and that’s where I attribute my work ethic. My grandfather was in the military and was a firefighter.”

Stevenson’s grandfather sparked his interest in police officers as a kid and now he is doing what he always wanted to do.

Although Stevenson has not heard of the 130dB alarm, he highly recommends owning one after he researched what the device does. “If someone hears a loud noise, it will pique people’s interest,” says Stevenson.

Some safety alarms can be as simple as making a blaring noise and some can be as complex as calling 911 when you pull the plug. He recommends traveling in groups, have cell phones charged and always tell people where you are and when you should be home if you do not own one of these devices. Other safety recommendations include hitting the home button on your phone three times or to call 911 if you or someone else is in danger. To be more discreet, citizens are now able to text 911. Now that you know all about the 130dB safety alarm, buy one and keep yourself and others safe.

Abby Lane is a staff writer at The Rampage, Pine-Richland High School’s student newspaper.