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Getting you on track: Free community financial workshops

Tuesday, September 3, 2019 | 9:33 AM

Are you living paycheck-to-paycheck? Do you feel overwhelmed with debt? Are you just one emergency away from financial ruin? Are your kids approaching college and you have no idea how to pay for it? Do you have trouble imaging how you will every retire? That is not how God intends you to live!

But what if you had an emergency fund? What if you were debt-free (except for your house)? What if you were telling your money what to do instead of trying to chase it as it runs out the door? What if you were saving for college and retirement? And what if you were able to give generously to the causes that you are passionate about? Wouldn’t it be epic to have the peace of mind that comes from that kind of life? That’s what the EPIC Workshop at Memorial Park Church is all about. We want to help you learn to control your finances so that you can live an epic life.

The EPIC Workshop meets the 2nd Saturday of every month September through June at Memorial Park Church in McCandless Township (8800 Peebles Road across from Luciano’s Pizza). This class is free and open to the public. There is free childcare as long as you register by the Monday before each session. The workshop offers two tracks:

EPIC Core teaches the basics of budgeting, saving, and debt elimination in a judgment-free zone alongside other people who are also learning to manage their money better. You get valuable information and a chance to ask questions and get support from leaders and other participants who understand exactly where you are.

EPIC Focus offers insight on special topics that are important for financial success. These include insurance needs, college planning, retirement planning, legal documents, and Social Security & Medicare. Class members are encouraged to make suggestions for future offerings.

If you would like to register or get more information about the EPIC Workshop, go to