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Event shows process of making flax into linen at Depreciation Lands Museum

Tuesday, July 30, 2019 | 10:51 PM

Sunday, August 18, 1-4 pm

Depreciation Lands Museum is located at 4743 S. Pioneer Rd., Allison Park, PA 15101

Come to watch and perhaps lend a hand as we process flax plants into linen.

Today we take clothing, fabrics and yarns for granted. Easy to wash fabrics abound in our shops. Until the Industrial Revolution in the first quarter of the 1800s, all yarn, thread, cloth and clothing was made by hand. In our northern area of America, where cotton does not grow, we relied on linen for our washable clothing.

But what a process it is to create linen cloth from the flax plant! The old saying that “It takes a year and a day to make a shirt” is very true.

The flax seed is planted in early spring and the plants harvested in mid summer. It must first be dried, then retted and dried again. Finally, by fall, we can begin the process of “breaking” the hard stems, “scutching” to rub away the stem debris, “hackling” to comb the fibers and prepare them to be spun.

The small portable wheels we generally see demonstrated today were traditionally used to spin flax into linen thread. Once enough thread is spun, the loom is “warped” and made ready for the weaver to produce cloth. After weaving, the gray linen cloth is usually bleached by wetting it and spreading it in the sun for weeks or months, before it is ready to be used for clothing.

As always, you will find our village bustling with residents carrying on their everyday lives. Attend school, visit the blacksmith, and stop in to see what is happening in the log cabin.

There truly will be plenty for everyone to keep busy today.

Admission charged: $5/adults, $3/children, DLMA members are free.

For more information email the museum at [email protected] or call 412-486-0563 and leave a message.