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Richland supervisors approve splash pad improvement, food trailer

Monday, January 27, 2020 | 12:01 AM

With the continued improvements at Richland Township Community Park, the board of supervisors approved two purchases at the most recent January meeting that patrons can expect to see this summer.

One is a new piece of equipment at the splash pad.

The splash pad opened for the first time last summer at the park, and township manager Dean Bastianini said that while it was a success and well received, they’re working to conserve more water this year. He proposed purchasing a new piece of equipment, at a cost of $4,720 including shipping, called a Helio No. 3 to replace a red, spinning orb that’s in the park now.

“It was a lot of fun, but it was the biggest consumer of water in the park,” Bastianini said of the orb. “(The Helio No. 3) looks about the same, sprays a little differently, but uses a lot less water.”

The township will still own the orb and be able to rotate the equipment. They’ve also been working with Vortex, which manufactured the splash pad, on changing the programming of the activators and finding additional ways to conserve water this summer, Bastianini said.

The supervisors also approved the $25,000 purchase of a food trailer to be used at the park as a replacement for the concession stand that was near the splash pad, playground and baseball fields. The concession stand was removed as part of renovations to the restrooms there, a project that is nearing completion. The 2019 model trailer measures 8.5 by 16 feet and is equipped with amenities including power, propane, a refrigerator, fryer, grill with fire suppression system and fresh water reservoir, Bastianini said. It could be used by township personnel for events such as movies in the park and Community Day and also rented to sports organizations that use the park, Bastianini said.

“It think it’s a nice piece of machinery,” he said.

The money to purchase the trailer will come from the savings the township will get on the purchase of a new loader for the public works department that is included in the 2020 budget. They found a machine for $17,000 under the budgeted price before the minimum $25,000 they expect to get for a trade-in, Bastianini said.