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Board of supervisors hear proposal for changes at Pine Community Center

Thursday, January 30, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Members of the Pine Community Center may see some changes in the coming months, as township manager Scott Anderson and director of parks and recreation Joni Patsko have started looking into repurposing certain areas in order to better utilize the space.

They presented their initial ideas to the board of supervisors at the January meeting.

Phase one would include turning the current teen room on the upper level into a 28- by 28-foot exercise room by replacing the flooring, installing wall mirrors and fans and making acoustical improvements. The room could be used for additional exercise equipment and classes.

The next phase would be relocating a storage area on the lower level to free up space to extend the exercise room to a total of 1,400 square feet and expand the bike area by adding six more cycles. That phase would require an architect to come in and assist, Anderson said.

The 2020 township budget includes funds for possible community center expansion; however, the board of supervisors called for an examination of the current space first. Anderson said they had about 95,000 visitors to the center for the purpose of exercise in 2019. They were looking for approval of funds not to exceed $40,000 for repurposing the teen room.

“We do expect that (number of visitors) to grow, so this may be an interim step before we have to take a step to expand the center,” Anderson said. “But I think we heard what the board was directing us to do.”

A number of supervisors, including chairman Michael Dennehy, expressed concerns over plans to relocate the teen room to an open area on the lower level. Patsko said the initial plan was to move some of the couches and chairs and the television to the area near the restrooms.

One suggestion was to use a portion of the room where the supervisors meet just inside the main entrance. The section where the supervisors sit could be closed off and the other half used for kids and teens.

“This is a possible room,” Patsko said. “This room is not used as much, I would say.”

The supervisors also encouraged a survey of members and nonmembers alike before approving any changes to the center, and perhaps engaging an architect to look over the entire building to gain additional insight before moving ahead with any plans. Anderson agreed they would come back before the supervisors at the next meeting.

The Pine Community Center was built in 2009.

Also at the most recent supervisors meeting, the Friends of Pine pledged to commit $50,000 toward adding amenities around the splash pad that will be built in the coming months in the park.