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Pine Supervisors primary not over yet

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | 1:54 PM

The race for Pine Township Supervisor is still undecided following last night’s primaries. While Jeffrey Hyams won the Democrat seat as the only candidate, the Republican race had seven vying for just three seats. While Pat Avolio and Jack Donahue won the first two seats, Ryan Colombo and Jeff Romano appear to be tied for the third seat.

The typical protocol is to have a recount. If it is still tied after that, in the case of a tie vote not otherwise provided for by law, the candidates receiving the tie vote shall cast lots before the county board or the Secretary of the Commonwealth, as the case may be, at noon on the third Friday after the election, and the one to whom the lot shall fall, shall be declared elected.



(Vote for 3)

Dem. Jeffrey Hyams, 58.04%, 390 votes


(Vote for 3)

Rep. Pat Avolio, 18.08%, 421 votes

Rep. Jack Donahue, 14.73%, 343 votes

Rep. Jeff Romano, 14.34%, 334 votes

Ryan Colombo, 14.34% 334 votes

Rep. Jeff Fisher, 13.61%, 317 votes

Rep. Philip D. Henry, 12.45%, 290 votes

Rep. Frank. J. Spagnolo, 11.81%, 275 votes


Region 1 Democrat

(Vote for 2)

Dem. Marc. D. Casciani, 94.83%, 275 votes

Region 1 Republican

(Vote for 2)

Rep. Gregory J. DiTullio, 54.02%, 329 votes

Rep. Marc D. Casciani, 44.01%, 268 votes

Region 2 Democrat

(Vote for 1)

Dem. Peter Lyons, 99.65%, 286 votes

Region 2 Republican

(Vote for 1)

Rep. Peter Lyons, 97.61%, 367 votes

Region 3 Democrat

(Vote for 1)

Dem. Carla Meyer, 41.04%, 110 votes

Dem. Quin McLaughlin, 31.72%, 85 votes

Dem. Matthew Mehalik, 27.24, 73 votes

Region 3 Republican

(Vote for 1)

Rep. Matthew Mehalik, 44%, 88 votes

Rep. Quin McLaughlin, 29%, 58 votes

Rep. Carla Meyer, 26.5%, 53 votes

School Director Region 3

(Vote for 2)

Dem. Carla Meyer, 53.2%, 233 votes

Dem. Matthew Mehalik, 46.12%, 202 votes