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Pine-Richland summer renovations on tight timeframe, but on schedule

Friday, July 19, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Summer projects are moving forward throughout the Pine-Richland School District buildings and grounds, including the replacement of windows on the front side of the building, toilet room renovation and exterior facade improvements at Richland Elementary.

Director of Facilities Management Jeffrey Zimmerman provided the board an update at the July meeting, including news on the softball field drainage project. That went out for bid, he said, but they heard from only one contractor who bid for the whole project and the price tag was higher than their budget. Zimmerman recommended rejecting that bid and proceed using the state’s COSTARS program to complete the scope of the work.

“We had an anticipated construction schedule that started in late August and went into September, and we still can meet that time frame,” Zimmerman said. “The COSTARS program helps speed up the whole process.”

Other projects under way include replacing carpeting at Hance Elementary and the middle school and sanding, painting and refinishing the gymnasium floor at the high school. The project to replace the flooring in the foyer area of Wexford Elementary is on hold while they re-evaluate the floor choices. They will, in the meantime, secure any loose ceramic tiles in the area, Zimmerman said.

“Right now, we’re feeling a lot of pressure to get things done, but things are falling in line pretty well,” he said. “The big projects are right in line right now.”

Regarding the projects at Richland, John Pappas of Eckles Construction Services, said the new windows will have some light tinting that won’t darken the rooms noticeably but will make it a little more difficult to see into the rooms on the front of the building. Restroom windows will be frosted completely. Bids will be going out on the Richland projects soon for presentation at the August board meeting, Pappas said.

• The board voted to approve the K-5 science recommendation to adopt Amplify Science resources, which is the program in use in grades 6-8. The program for elementary students is more teacher-directed than the program in middle school, which is more student-directed, assistant superintendent Dr. Michael Pasquinelli noted. They also approved the purchase of SplashMath for grades 1-3 and MobyMax for grades 4-5 for learning basic math facts.

• Dr. Kristen Silbaugh was re-approved as assistant superintendent for elementary education and curriculum for a five-year term beginning July 1, 2020, at a base salary of $143,900 beginning with the 2020-21 school year.