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Pine resident considering legal action for damage to property

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Pine Township resident Evan Gerson again appeared before the board of supervisors asking them to remedy what he says is damage caused to his property by a contractor hired to remediate a retention pond that the township is responsible for maintaining.

Gerson, who lives on Salem Heights Drive, appeared at the board’s first meeting in January to make supervisors aware of the issue, saying he was considering legal action after not getting a satisfactory response from township officials.

Solicitor Gary Gushard told Gerson he had provided the supervisors with all the correspondence between Gerson and the township and that they had turned the matter over to their insurance carrier because of the threat of litigation. He also said he’d visited the site along with supervisors Jack Donahue and Ed Holdcroft and township manager Scott Anderson.

The two sides are in agreement that the pond requires further work, which Gushard said would be addressed once weather permits, but are in disagreement over damage to Gerson’s property, which Gerson says includes removal of trees and landscaping and damage to his landscape drainage.

Gushard said officials saw no evidence of indiscriminate tree removal but agreed that the supervisors and Gerson would meet at the property so that Gerson could point out specifics and show them the impacted areas.

• Director of land development and code enforcement Larry Kurpakus informed the board that the pending buyers of the property at 5028 Bakerstown Road do plan to demolish the vacant house there following the sale closing date in February. Neighbor Dale Riley appeared before the board in November and presented a petition asking the township to address the “deplorable” conditions that existed at the property.

• The board approved a plan by Sheetz to renovate the location at 12000 Perry Highway, including minor additions, refacing the building with additional brick and stone facades, canopy modifications, relocation of the Dumpster enclosure and resurfacing of the parking lot. Gushard stated that the planning commission’s recommendation that the location not sell vaping products did not fall within their purview and that item was not included in the conditions of approval.

• The board appointed Joel Dennison to fill the vacancy on the township’s zoning hearing board. Dennison previously served on the planning commission.