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Northern Tier Library hosting informational session on native birds

Tuesday, April 23, 2019 | 1:30 AM

Shortly after Doris Dumrauf and her husband bought their house in Robinson Township they hung a bird feeder and were thrilled by the different types of birds that started showing up, so they hung another.

Steadily over the years, their backyard garden grew and so did Dumrauf’s passion for photographing the birds, insects and other living creatures that visited. Today she is an award-winning photographer and author. Their backyard is now a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Dumrauf will be showing her photographs and speaking at Northern Tier Regional Library on common birds of Western Pennsylvania and how to attract them to your backyard on May 9.

“Over the years I think we’ve observed more than 50 species in and around our yard,” she said.

Dumrauf said both their backyard and her photography started to truly expand after she and her husband read the book, “Bringing Nature Home,” by Douglas W. Tallamy. Learning about how native plants can be used to support pollinators and other wildlife helped inform their own gardening choices.

“That was an eye-opener because it mentioned that non-native plants get avoided by native insects,” she said. “(My husband) started planting more and more native plants and I started taking more photos. It was gradual, and we added on every year.”

Her talk will include bird identification, habitats and food. That include what type of seed she recommends but also the types of plants she recommends, including berry-producing shrubs and bushes and the native plants favored by insects that birds then both eat themselves and feed to their young.

Dumrauf has published two books on the outdoors, “Common Backyard Birds” for kindergartners through fourth graders and “Create Your Own Backyard Wildlife Habitat,” also for young readers. Her photos can also be seen at her website,