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Longtime supervisors honored for service to Pine Township

Friday, December 6, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Township of Pine staff honored outgoing supervisors Frank Spagnolo and Phil Henry for their service, totaling 36 years between them, at their final meeting of 2019 on Dec. 2.

Noting the major projects completed in the township during their tenures, manager Scott Anderson presented the two with gifts and a proclamation from the Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors.

Henry started as a supervisor on Jan. 3, 2000, and Spagnolo began on Jan. 2, 2004.

At the start of Spagnolo’s term, Anderson said, the township had a fund balance of more than $4.7 million. Since then, the township built the community center, the fire station and the salt building at a total of around $15 million for the three projects, plus some additional smaller work. The balance is expected to total $26 million at the end of the year.

“Through all of tha,t you’d be happy to know we still have a surplus,” Anderson said. “On behalf of the staff, thank you all for believing in us and everything you’ve done.”

Henry said that he truly enjoyed working with his colleagues over his 20-year tenure.

“They’ve been great to work with and it’s been a real pleasure,” he said. “Thank you to all the staff and everyone for all you do.”

Spagnolo said it’s been a wonderful 16 years serving the township and that he couldn’t spend money at college to gain the financial knowledge he learned from board president Michael Dennehy. He called Henry “the godfather” of Pine Township.

“Everybody knows you,” he said.

Spagnolo thanked the township staff members as well as solicitor Gary Gushard and his fellow board members.

“We had a former board that was anti-everything,” he said. “Today, like Scott said, we built a beautiful community center. Everything is paid for in this township. We have a good bit of money in our budget, in our bank account. We have the lowest taxes in Allegheny County, residential; I can’t help what the school district does. But I’d really like to say thank you.”

He also noted the civility of the board, saying that in 16 years he never walked out the door mad.

“We may have had a disagreement, but never to the point where it was in anger,” he said. “You can agree to disagree.”

Dennehy also thanked the two supervisors for their service.

“You’ve been a real treasure, as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Newly elected supervisors Ryan Colombo and Jack Donahue will be sworn in and the board reorganization will take place at the first meeting in January 2020.