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Colombo, Avolio, Donahue react to victory in Pine supervisors election

Friday, November 8, 2019 | 12:01 AM

Republicans Ryan Colombo, Pat Avolio and Jack Donahue won the election for the Pine Township board of supervisors.

Avolio was running as an incumbent and Colombo and Donahue as first-time candidates on the Republican ticket. They defeated the three candidates on the Democrat ticket: Jeffrey Hyams, Jeff Romano and Jack Fisher.

Colombo garnered the most votes with 1,302, or 19.35% of the vote.

“I’m very honored to be elected and would like to thank all those who came out and voted,” Colombo said. “Congratulations also to Jack Donahue and Pat Avolio. I look forward to working with them and the rest of the board on behalf of the residents of Pine.”

Avolio got 1,289 votes, or 19.16%, and Donahue received 17.66% of the vote at 1,188 votes. Hyams received 1,047 votes, Romano 978 votes and Fisher 886 votes.

“I am humbled by the amount of support of Pine residents throughout the election, and for the opportunity to continue to work to make Pine a better community,” Avolio said.

Overall voter turnout was 8% in Pine Township. There were 824 ballots cast out of 10,299 registered voters.

“I am gratified that enough Pine Township voters believed that we needed a fresh perspective on the board of supervisors, and I pledge that I will work with the other newly elected board members in bringing about a more thoughtful, responsible and transparent voice to local government,” Donahue said.

Three incumbents ran unopposed in the race for Richland Township Board of Supervisors. Donna Snyder will remain supervisor-at-large, George Allen remains the representative of District 3 and Ray Kendrick the representative of District 4.

The races for Pine-Richland school directors were all unopposed as well, with Marc Casciani and Greg DiTullio being reelected in Region 1, Peter Lyons reelected in Region 2 and Matthew Mehalik and Carla Meyer both won four-year term seats in Region 3. There was also a race for a 2-year seat in Region 3, which Mehalik won with 52.64% of the vote. That seat will be filled by appointment.

• The Pine Township proposed 2020 budget is available for viewing on the website in advance of the vote to adopt which will take place Dec. 4. At .998 mills, there is no property tax increase. In addition to annual items including funding for the Northern Regional Police Department and Wexford Volunteer Fire Company there are also items including new trails, improvements to the Pine Community Center, traffic signal upgrades and the purchase of new equipment for the public works department. The proposed budget can be found at Center/View/1640/2020-Township-of-Pine-Budget.