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Chief Amann to retire from Northern Regional Police Dept. after 44 years on the job

Thursday, November 14, 2019 | 2:03 PM

After 44 years with the Northern Regional Police Department, Chief T. Robert Amann is retiring at the end of the month.

The longtime police chief’s last official day on the job will be Nov. 30. Capt. John Sicilia will become the department’s new chief Dec. 1.

Amann was hired in November 1976 when it was called the Tri-Area Police Department, covering Pine and Marshall Townships and Bradford Woods Borough. His hiring made it a six-person police department, including the chief and a sergeant.

“When I started, it was those three municipalities and the population was very low,” said Amann, who graduated with a degree in criminology from Mercyhurst College in 1976. “It was all bedroom-type communities. There was very little business in the area, and of course a lot of farms throughout Marshall and Pine at that time. When I started, I believe there were two traffic lights in the three areas.”

Amann said it was in the late 1970s when they changed the named to the Pine-Marshall-Bradford Woods Joint Police Force because no one knew what Tri-Area covered. He was a patrolman until 1989, when he was promoted to sergeant. The Joint Police Board unanimously named Amann the department’s third chief of police in December 1997. Then in 2006, when Richland Township joined, he suggested they rename it the Northern Regional Police Department. The department now has 35 officers.

“I’ve been chief going on 22 years and it’s been a great job, but it’s time to pass the torch,” said Amann, who’s looking forward to spending time with his two young grandsons and on the golf course. “What I’m not going to miss is the phone ringing overnight, weekends, holidays, just being on call 24-7. In the position of chief, you always have to be available. I’ve enjoyed doing it every day, but it’s time to sit back, relax and not worry about the phone ringing when you go to bed at night or you’re having Christmas with your family.”

Sicilia said it’s hard to put into words everything that Amann has meant to the department. They never had a captain position until seven years ago when he earned the promotion as a means to be groomed to take over when Amann decided to call it a career.

“It’s almost been like a seven-year internship or mentorship,” he said. “I’ve been taught by the best.”

Among the things Sicilia said he learned from Amann is how to handle all the behind-the-scenes work that comes from keeping a department running with four different municipalities.

“You’re keeping elected officials updated on what’s happening, working with four different township managers, four different roads departments, four different fire departments, there are a lot of moving parts,” Sicilia said. “To be able to organize that is really amazing. You’re keeping a lot of people happy, and it’s not easy. I learned a lot about diplomacy.”

The Pine-Richland School District administrators and directors presented Amann with a statue at the November board meeting for his commitment to keeping a close watch not only over the community but also over the children.

“His attention to detail from a police perspective but also in connection to the schools is unbelievable,” Superintendent Brian Miller said. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with different chiefs of police and to say he’s special would be an understatement.”