A look at real estate transactions in Pine, Richland the week of Sept. 10

Wednesday, September 11, 2019 | 12:24 PM


Showcase Properties Inc. sold property at 148 Alder Drive to Brad Alan and Heather Maria Biagini for $543,590.

Cavalier Land Partn. L.P. sold property at 2024 Cherry Road to Dr. Adam and Dr. Lindsay Mehring for $147,150.

Jarrod Rapke sold property at 404 Jack Pine Court to Richard Scott Kirschler and Rebecca Lamberti for $415,000.

Eddy Homes Inc. sold property at 113 Miller Drive to Mark Manetti and Maya R Goldin Perschbacher for $814,113.

US Bank NA trustee sold property at 308 Osprey Court to James Francis and Gabrielle Gallucci O’Mara for $458,000.

Antonio Calaf sold property at 906 Park Plaza to Mark Ganung for $415,000.

Mark Recchi sold property at 704 Parkview Drive to George and Christine Tunder for $1,775,000.

Philip Hetzel sold property at 125 Rabold Drive to Matthew and Jannette Totsch for $605,000.

Cavalier Land Partn. L.P. sold property at 3031 Spruce Road to NVR Inc. for $121,000.

Pine Development Co. GP sold property at 633 Tullamore Trail to NVR Inc. for $180,000.

Jeffrey Borandi sold property at 106 Village Place to Margaret Rosen for $275,000.


Katy Yates sold property at 2036 Blossom Drive to Brett and Brittany Edmiston for $315,000.

Jason Allen sold property at 1015 Creekvue Drive to Michael and Melissa Sambroak for $299,900.

Karen Harris sold property at 5626 Fairfield Drive to Gregory and Carolyn Kustra for $285,000.

Robert Harris sold property at 3931 Hardt Drive to Cody Blaze and Amanda Christine Abt for $30,000.

Giffin Avenue Assn. LLC sold property at 3707 N. Woodland Circle to Lawrence Wetmiller for $150,370.

Ronald Nacey sold property at 3728 N. Woodland Circle to Michael Celender for $139,561.

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